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Online Business Success Unlimited

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Copying the Traits of the Big Guns


If you aren’t considered an internet marketing guru, you are probably amazed at how they manage such impressive sales figures and how all of their products seem to be huge successes. You experience launch after mildly disappointing launch with items that you feel rival some of those being offered by the “big guns.”


If you are looking to elevate your results, it may be time to stop being in awe and to objectively evaluate some of what they are doing.


You can learn some valuable lessons that can ramp up even your non-guru offerings.


Consider these traits so often possessed by the gurus:


The masters create anticipation.


Think of a few big names in internet marketing and think about their most recent product. Do you remember being surprised the day it went public? Of course not. You knew that the product was coming weeks in advance.


They let everyone know that something exciting was on the way. They teased, tempted and revealed just enough information combined with infectious


excitement to get everyone’s attention.


The day that product went public, they made sure they had back up plans for when their payment processors or site became overloaded. Think about that. They had people lining up for a shot at that new product.


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